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Modsong Information!

This is the place for info and links! Read the info page for ModSong Information!

  WinAmp has improved to the point of playing all the songs now. I also have a music ftp site up with over 600 music files of over 600 megs! Check it out! At my ftp site being on my home computer!

  Interested in hard to get files that you can't on the web anymore? Check out my private ftp site info page!

   I have online radio selections at the bottom of this page.   

   News: There is now avaiable SDSL (Symmetrical Description Server Line), or high speed internet that has 1.5 mbits per second upload and download, whereas DSl (Digital Subscription Server Line) has 365 mbits per second upload and 1.5 mbits per second download. To learn about it goto The DSL Tutorial! sponsored by

  For the many many resources of modsongs and more information on them, you only need to check the modplug website for info! And if you can't get the mods you like there, check out the hornets archive or the Mod Archive! Click on Hot Links below for links page!

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Here are some more modsongs!

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