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  What is a modsong? A modsong is a high quality computer song module. It combines wav and midi files into a far better quality song than both of them! It usually can be from 75 kb to 3 megs in length. Mod Songs are created with mod trackers. There are different types of trackers: Impulse trackers (IT modules), ScreamTracker II (STM modules), Screamtracker III (S3M Modules), Farandole Composer (FAR modules), OctaMed (MED modules), UNIS 669 (669), DigiTracker 1.x (MDL modules), ProTracker (MOD modules), MultiTracker (MTM modules), FastTracker (XM modules), and several more..

  There is now a modsong ftp site up at It will be up only at some points of the day. Think your Lucky! ;)

  To play these song modules you need a modplayer like modplug player (the computer based version), and ModPlug Plugin which is the plugin version of modplug player and both of these are very high quality song players! There are several more mod players out there.. Like the cubic player (another very high quality player!) and many more which you can get at the Maz Home Page. To get the Modplug player and plugin just check out the modplug software page!

  Now there is also a player called Winamp for Windows! It also plays modsongs and every other type of music as well! Get it from the Winamp homepage.

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